The law firm Fiľo & Partners s.r.o. provides the legal services in all fields of law, however, we focus in particular on:

Real Property Law

Comprehensive advice and representation of the clients with regard to purchase, sale or lease of immovable property including comprehensive review of the legal status and the rights to the immovable property concerned as well as drafting and commenting the contractual documentation and representing the client before the public authorities and third persons.

Our law firm provides the comprehensive legal services to several real estate agencies in all stages of a business case, i.e. entire process of transferring or leasing immovable property.

We also provide legal advice to the clients implementing the real estate projects in all stages of their activities, i.e. from the process of designing the project’s concept through purchase and unification of the lands, advice in the process of constructing the project, engineering activities and contractor relationships to legal advice and services concerning sale of the individual items of immovable property.

Contract Law

We provide comprehensive legal assistance in establishing and entering by a client into the contractual relationships, whether business or civil ones. We advise our clients that prudence and especially foresight are required with regard to the contractual relationships at present. It is necessary to discover potential hidden threats well in advance and to identify smart solutions for eliminating them. We use our best efforts to identify and eliminate the threats. We try to identify the concealed threats where our clients do not see them at the first sight, and thus we act with careful thought for our clients.

Family Law

We provide our clients with legal advice concerning their private life issues and situations relating to their family life, such as advice on the arrangement of property rights of spouses, divorce, alimony determination or approval of an act for a minor, etc.

Company Law

Comprehensive legal services and assistance are provided to our clients when they are establishing their own business as well as during the lifetime and/or upon termination of their business. Together with our clients we often analyse their situation and vision concerning their business, and subsequently we propose the optimal solution for the form of their business. We ensure all acts necessary for establishment of the business company and for making subsequent changes in the business companies and/or their liquidation or bankruptcy.

Representation in Court Proceedings

We provide special legal assistance in the form of representing our clients before the courts of the Slovak Republic in all types of litigations and with regard to non-litigation issues.

Enforcement of Claims

We carry out comprehensive administration and enforcement of claims for our clients, i.e. from the rare case of involuntary performance through active administration to enforcement of collective claims. We handle thousands of cases.